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Meet the Team

Our cross-disciplinary team comes from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, providing SpaceFund Labs incubated companies with the knowledge, skills, and network needed for new space companies to fly. 

Rick Tumlinson

Co-founder of SpaceFund, visionary space leader, serial space entrepreneur, speaker, connector, and mentor.

Meagan Crawford

Co-founder and managing partner of SpaceFund, serial entrepreneur, host of the Mission Eve podcast, marketing and finance expert.

Irina Litchfield

Crypto Superwoman, fintech pioneer, global blockchain ambassador, serial entrepreneur, rancher, and innovation expert.

L. Barton Womack

Futurist, investor, producer,  inventor, farming 2.0 pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and catalyzer of cultural movements.

Andrew Granatstein

Investor, entrepreneur, researcher, expert in data analytics, financial wizard, and principal at

James Ehrhart

Veteran technologist, storied business consultant, serial entrepreneur, space enthusiast and investor, future astronaut and general partner at SpaceFund.

Darryll DiPietro

Crypto evangelist, serial entrepreneur, blockchain expert, community builder, former googler, brand and marketing powerhouse, Silicon Valley superhero.

Alexander Wingeier

Aerospace and technology serial entrepreneur, investor, maker, NASA challenge winner, technological expert.

Donald P. Moore

M&A, finance, space law and international transactions lawyer; capital and business connector; investor, board member and advisor.

Jeff Krukin

Principal & Co-founder of Earth-Space Commerce Advisors, LLC. VP at Orbital Transports, Inc. Space dreamer since childhood, startup coach, evangelist and educator

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